The publication provides for readers a comparative survey of the economic development in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Information is given in clearly arranged tables and figures. The collection has been prepared on the basis of data provided by Statistical Offices of the Baltic States, banking statistics and information collected by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research.

Readers can find the most recent information on the following economic indicators from this publication:
  • Gross domestic product – change at constant prices, private consumption expenditure
  • Current account deficit
  • Foreign direct investments
  • Banking – amount of loans and deposits and average interest rates
  • Foreign trade turnover and structure – by commodity groups and by countries
  • Industrial growth indices
  • Production of electricity
  • Construction production
  • Price indices – consumer price index, producer price index, construction price index
  • Transport – freight traffic and turnover by trail
  • Retail trade – indices of retail trade turnover
  • Output of animal husbandry (meat, milk, eggs)
  • Average monthly wage
  • Unemployment rate – number of the unemployed
  • Economic Forecast
  • Business tendency survey results

Frequency of publication: quarterly (April, July, October, January)
In English ~ 45 pages

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