The publication gives a statistical overview of the economic situation and the standard of living in ESTONIA, LATVIA and LITHUANIA. A significant source of information for businessmen in making their strategic development plans, sales and marketing plans, providing an overview of the capacity, prices, wages and purchasing power of the potential markets.

The publication contains the following sections:

  •  Territory and population
  •  Gross domestic product
  •  Finance and banking
  •  Foreign trade
  •  Industry and energy
  •  Agriculture
  •  Retail trade and tourism
  •  Construction and housing
  •  Transport and communication
  •  Education and science
  •  Social sphere and health care
  •  Labour force and wages
  •  Price indices
  •  Culture
  •  Forecast and estimates

The issue contains over 150 figures – charts with numerical information, which, based on statistics, give a comparative survey of the economic and social situation in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 2018 and the first half of 2019. Additionally, it contains some information concerning other countries of the Baltic Sea region (Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, etc.).

It is easy to use the charts for illustrating a strategic development plan or a marketing plan of a firm, and on various presentations.

Frequency of publication: once a year (in December- January)
In English ~ 180 pages

Publication sample BalticFacts2016.pdf

Ordering publications:
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